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Thread: Dremel Tool Storage Box

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    Dremel Tool Storage Box

    During the last 20+ years I have accumulated several bins of custom wood molding scrape parts thinking these small wood parts might be useful for something else. Rarely did this ever happen. I started burning the wood parts in our fireplaces and last week saw this beautiful piece of cherry wood cabinet part cut-out to accommodate a Viking gas cook top on a kitchen center island. I don’t know what happened to the other half of the front molding set but thought what a shame to burn this piece of wood. I had to use it for something in the shop.

    Dremel Tool Storage Box-old-cabinet-part-used-dremel-storage-box.jpg

    Finished Dremel storage box shown below.

    Dremel Tool Storage Box-dremel-storage-box.jpg

    I used the cherry wood scrape to create a Dremel tool cutting/grinding stand and box top. The 12”by 3” box from a local box store is made of bamboo and far less expensive than anything I could make. I have many of these inexpensive bamboo boxes for storage in the shop. Previously I had kept my Dremel cutting tools in a cardboard box and never knew exactly what cutting/grinding tools I owned. Over the years I have made several wooden tool boxes and many wooden tool stands/racks and now get to see these every day in the shop. Here is another one of these. I find these wood creations are one of the small pleasures for me working in the shop.

    Dremel Tool Storage Box-dremel-storage-box-lid-closed.jpg

    I wanted to make a custom storage box for the Dremel tools. First step was to rip two 0.25” thick pieces from the scrape cherry wood for making the box top and the inserted rack stand.

    Using blue tape, I laid out the holes for the rack, drilled, and then reamed to 0.126” (oversized) to fit the slightly smaller Dremel diameters and make it easier to insert and remove the shafts.

    Dremel Tool Storage Box-dremel-storage-rack-layout.jpg

    Dremel Tool Storage Box-using-0.126-dia.-reamer-dremel-rack.jpg

    Finally, I used a couple coats of Delf Semi-Gloss lacquer spray to finish the wood (and not shown using a final sanding with ether 220 or 320 grit sandpaper produces an ultra-smooth wood finish by removing the "bumps" from the spray finish).

    Dremel Tool Storage Box-dremel-storage-box-parts.jpg

    Thank you for looking,
    Paul Jones

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    Nice Dremel Box Paul, I need to make up at least two of them and maybe 3.
    My dremels are all in a drawer and the bits are in several plastic cases.

    I really like the bit storage on top of the motor and cable.
    This is a great way to organize the tool and bits.

    Cheers, JR

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    Those little Japanese boxes are very useful and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Here in LA we have several Daiso outlets...

    Daiso Japan Online Store

    Daiso is the Japanese version of the dollar store; everything is $1.50 unless otherwise marked. In addition to boxes I've bought small metric drills, obscure coin batteries, and unusual kitchen tools that I've repurposed to shop use.

    I keep a number of small tools on the surface of the workbench. I like for them to be right at hand and I seldom work on large projects so the loss of horizontal space is not a big problem. However, I do keep all the tools in Daiso trays and boxes so that, when I need the space, it's easy to pick the tools up and move them to a collapsible table. (Before someone asks, I don't keep the tools on the table because it needs to be collapsed to get the cars in the garage.)
    Regards, Marv

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    That's a very nice setup!

    Cigar boxes are another good source for small projects.

    At least here in NY most cigar shops sell the empties for $1-$3 only.

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    Thanks Paul Jones! We've added your Rotary Tool Bit Storage Box to our Storage and Organization category,
    as well as to your builder page: Paul Jones's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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