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Thread: drinks cooler recycled from old refrigerator

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    drinks cooler recycled from old refrigerator

    drinks cooler recycled from old refrigerator-rsz_dsc_0283-2-.jpg
    Not exactly a tool but useful all the same.
    This was once (year 2000) a part of a refrigerator. I had given away a much larger boat "ESKY" for 4 ft + mackeral, that I made from marine ply & aluminium with a padded seat/bed, due to room to store it after selling my boat.
    My young family went camping often, either in a tent or caravan. We needed to keep the little dirty feet of our children & their many friends out of the tent or van. A gravedigger colleague had a "beer fridge" he wanted to be rid of, but none of our friends wanted one so I took it, released the gas, cut off the freezer and dumped the remainder. Where the resultant gap from cutting the item in two was, I formed a simple cover ( from thin plate) & attached with blind pop rivets & silicone after inserting more insulation. I used a can of white spray paint to match the remainder.
    This "esky" was still quite large so I added toolbox handles (available from hardware outlets) for easy lifting. As the box would be stationed against a
    shady tree or caravan I didn't bother with a cable, chain or hydraulic restrainer for the lid. I siliconed some rubber pads to what used to be the back of the freezer & now the bottom of the cooler. Due to weather conditions & salt air it now has signs of surface rust.
    Cost to me was about AU$8 for the roof & gutter silicone. I had the remainder in the workshop.
    I took it to show my friend, who gave me the old fridge, to show off what I had made from it. The cemetary "leading hand" asked to borrow it for a couple of hours that day & he disappeared, returning it later that day. A couple of weeks later I visited the Council Workshop to collect the Cemetary mower (after repair) and witnessed many "eskys" in a production line the engineering staff were making during their lunch break,.,drinks cooler recycled from old refrigerator-rsz_dsc_0002-8-.jpg,
    drinks cooler recycled from old refrigerator-rsz_dsc_0280-1-.jpg,
    drinks cooler recycled from old refrigerator-rsz_dsc_0003-11-.jpg

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