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Thread: DRO fitted.

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    DRO fitted.

    I made a couple of small sensor brackets out of 2mm ally today, fitted one at the front under an ally U chanel. The other bracket and sensor is fitted on the cross slide and the magnetic strip stuck on the base of the mill. If swarf presents a problem its a minor job to fabricate a guard over the top.. I also made a bracket to fit the readout and fitted it under the main control box.

    The stick on strips are printed 3m, but I doubt very much they are, Chinese manufacturers aren't known for their honesty.

    I assumed the sensor would have to be in contact with the stainless strip stuck on top of the magnetic strip. But no, it works with up to a 3-5 mm gap.

    The sensor leads are about 3m long miles too long for this little machine, so I'll have to fab some sort of rail to tie them to so,they don't get pulled around when cleaning up.

    It appears to work great, so I'll order another for the lathe. I'll get the .01mm linear scale for the lathe, that's where I need the accuracy, I'll have to figure out a way of protecting the leads, the leads got damaged on the last DRO I had on the lathe.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DRO fitted.-win_20240411_10_55_53_pro.jpg   DRO fitted.-win_20240411_15_39_19_pro.jpg   DRO fitted.-win_20240411_16_10_23_pro.jpg   DRO fitted.-win_20240411_10_56_07_pro.jpg   DRO fitted.-win_20240411_16_10_35_pro.jpg  

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    Thanks th62! We've added your DRO Mounts to our Machining category,
    as well as to your builder page: th62's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I got a couple of suggestions that may help thing out.
    You can obtain tubing from Amazon that you can cut to length and wrap you cords.
    Comes in different sizes.
    You can get in line cable slices to help shorten your cables. It may positively increase performance of your controller with the reduced wire length. Heat shrink can be used to help to insulate and protect the cable to connection joints.

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