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Thread: Dustless Blasting

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    Dustless Blasting

    Has anybody used one of the Dustless blasting units , they look great on the video's . Here's a link where they used one on my Classic Car . I was interested in the small cheapest one for my house garage , a DB150 . The price isn't on the site , so I sent an email . $4995. U.S. At that price I'd have to sell my project to buy one , but if I sell my project , I don't need the blaster . I have an old upright sand blasting tank just sitting around with no place to go , so I'm just wondering what I would have to do to convert it over . I bet the parts won't cost me 5 grand . Anybody have any idea's what I'd need to do to convert my tank .

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    I sandblasted the bed of my truck with my 2800 psi pressure washer with a add on sand blaster kit and you use low pressure because the opening is large and there is no dust and just wet sand on the floor to scoop up. never here much on that process. I bought it a long time ago at Walmart for about $30. works great.

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