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Thread: Dying man carves last will and testament into tractor fender

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    Dying man carves last will and testament into tractor fender

    On June 8th 1948, Canadian farmer Cecil George Harris was accidentally pinned under his tractor. He died of his injuries.

    Days later, neighbors noticed an inscription in the tractor's fender that read:

    "In case I die in this mess, I leave all to the wife. Cecil Geo Harris."

    The fender was removed from the tractor, and was determined by the courts to be a legally valid handwritten will. The tractor fender, as well as the knife Harris used to carve his will into it, are currently on display at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law library.

    On the one hand, Harris was probably not thrilled at what had occurred. It looks like he may have mistakenly put his tractor in reverse, and pinned his left leg under the wheel. However, he died an honorable death, at work with his tractor, and in his dying moments, he made sure that his family was taken care of.

    More: On Campus News (OCN) - University of Saskatchewan

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    There's a John Prine song in here, somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N00b Machinist View Post
    There's a John Prine song in here, somewhere.
    The Accident (or things could be worse), comes to mind.

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