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Thread: Eastwood manual bead roller mod

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    Eastwood manual bead roller mod

    Eastwood manual bead roller mod-20180530_173152_resized.jpgEastwood manual bead roller mod-20180601_154550_resized.jpgEastwood manual bead roller mod-20180601_160733_resized.jpgEastwood manual bead roller mod-20180601_160843_resized.jpg
    I just finished modifying my manual bead roller.
    Reinforced with 2x1 rhs and mounted on 3x2 rhs frame.
    Used a cheap hoist from eBay. Unfortunately it turned out to be brushless with a capacitor start so the speed control i have won't work with it. The winch has up and down buttons on the hand control so i made a simple pedal set to operate the buttons.
    The winch is mounted on a pair of gate hinges so as it swings down to tension the belt. I found it didn't have enough weight so rigged up a threaded tensioner.
    For drive I've used a 1" pulley driving a 10" pulley. The speed is very usable and by.tapping the pedal I can slow it down for the tight stuff.

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