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Thread: Ed's out feed table

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    Ed's out feed table

    Hi y'all, my name is Ed. I'm an armature woodworker and professional plumber/electrician. I am currently working on plans to make a detachable outfeed table for my Jet 10" contractor tablesaw. The problematic issues are; its a contractors saw and when the arbor tilts, so does the motor. the motor comes up so high, that I will have to make a hole in the surface. Not a problem, however the motor also would come in contact with a frame mounted bracket. Does anybody have any ideas, or better yet existing plans for this kind of saw? I build some of my own tools and most of my jigs, so I look forward to sharing with y'all. Thanks, Ed out.

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    Hi Ed - welcome to

    Good question, I can move this into our Tools in Progress subforum. Can you post some pics of the saw?

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