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Thread: Electric Chainsaw Tool for firewood

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    liberal's Tools

    Thumbs up Electric Chainsaw Tool for firewood

    In this video I will make a useful device for a chainsaw. This chainsaw hack for more convenient sawing of firewood.

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    good idea, a bit overly complicated IMO, but it does work well,,,, 2 changes i would do, since u have a good working electric chainsaw, i would replace it with a heavy strong all steel electric motor to run a bar and chain, keep your electric chainsaw working for when u really need it..doesnt take much to break plastic,,and 2 since its stationary, make a wood chip collection bucket,box, something to save all those wood chips, u can throw in a fire and burn..i once got a old miter saw free and used it to cut branches like that,after 2 weeks the Aluminum back guards cracked, another week later the motor housing cracked where it mounted to the gearbox,the part of branch being cut was not touching back guard, so it was slamed against the back guard,and damaged every thing a little bit at a time, i think a all steel cutoff machine with a wood blade would do better, but now i just use a big lopper and a electric chainsaw,,,keep thinking, keep working good job !!

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