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Thread: Electricians Jack Stands.

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    Electricians Jack Stands.

    Electricians Jack Stands.-electricians-jack-stand-3.jpgElectricians Jack Stands.-electricians-jack-stand-2.jpgElectricians Jack Stands.-electricians-jack-stand-1.jpg

    Here a couple of pictures of some electrician style jack stands I made over the year. About half the materials are recycled tubing. I'm happy I got them to a usable state but I do need to build one with a leveling head. That will happen when I get 1000 other little projects done.

    The design is hardly my own, basically a copy of a designs I saw the electricians using at our plant. Of course my little rolls of wire would make them laugh. One thing I do have on the back burner is to make one of those wire reel hand truck type tools, or maybe an electrical work bench / wagon with built in storage. These came first because I have a bit of plumbing to do.

    If anybody is wondering welded up with flux core off my Lincoln Mig welder, the paint is rattle can Rustoleum and the steel a mix mash of scrap and drops. I actually think the cost of the rattle cans was higher than the purchased steel. I actually like the basic design here and have thought a bit about using the form for a grinder stand and supports for other light tools.

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    Thanks wizard69! We've added your Electricians Jack Stands to our Dollies and Stands category,
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