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Thread: Electromagnetic railgun firing - video

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    Electromagnetic railgun firing - video

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    So....did they hit the intended target or not?

    They should have lost the first half of that video and given more time to the last half.

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    Almost, perhaps more interesting than the rail gun itself...

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    I worked at Eglin AFB, FL, back in the mid-to-late 70's, and at that time, they were using something called a cine theodolite camera to track the bombs and missiles they were launching. I was a still photographer, and taking BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) photos after the drops. The base paper published a cine theodolite photo of a GBU-15 laser-guided bomb diving through the drivers-side window on a deuce-and-a-half truck. Very dramatic shot, sorry I can't find it again. They did some neat stuff back then. Later, in early 1991, I got to see video of live drops of the GBU-15's in Iraq during Desert Storm, and look at the BDA video footage as well. I doubt the Iraqis were as happy to see that stuff as I was.


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    eglin is 2 miles from me at most.( probably 1 mile) they too had a electromagnet gun there and piles of batterys to run it. most all of the smart bombs were developed hear, the major amount of kills /bombing missions from aircraft were from hear too( desert storm) if it wasent a stealth aircraft it probably cam from eglin. although Ive seen all those hear too. the moab bomb was developed and made hear( Mother Of All Bombs) a prototype machine shop I worked at did a lot of that stuff and made the shreaders for that bomb.( I made a lot of that stuff while I was there as well as aircraft parts& protype stuff for the big 3 automakers) I have a pic of the moab bomb mounted to the top on my car.....well sort of. that was one loud some bitch I thought my house was gonna crumble when it went off....they showed the footage on world news...that along made a big change in the war and that was a test.I dont think they ever droped it in Iraq as they had seen what it would do.Electromagnetic railgun firing - video-20190901_131546.jpg it was small but it shreaded everything in sight. my dad said they used smaller ones in the 60's to clear forest for run ways.he said the trees just turned to tooth picks. I dont know if the one in my pic is the real size or just a smaller display one I made off with
    that vid above could of been made hear.

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