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Thread: emergency grout mixer

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    emergency grout mixer

    Have you ever been 200 miles from your source of materials to make your HMTs and you desperately need to grout a tile floor you laid months ago to get it sealed for traffic?
    Well last weekend I found myself in such a situation I hadn't planned on doing the grout originally or I could have (A) made a mixer and brought it with me (B) taken one of my homemade paint mixers or GHASP! (C) bought one.
    Anyway I found that I needed one so I started digging around in some old discarded bits where I found a small hings and a rod with one end flattened with 2 holes in it and a couple of # 6-32 screws with nuts, to make something by which I could mix the grout
    emergency grout mixer-20160815_220010c.jpg emergency grout mixer-20160815_224109c.jpg

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    Thanks Frank S! We've added your Grout Mixer to our Miscellaneous category,
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    Hola Frank, realice algo similar pero con un accesorio de la batidora rota que estaba por desechar, le solde una prolongación de hierro de 8mm2 para acoplarla al taladro, con esto batía la mezcla para pegar cerámicos con muy buenos resultados, también sirve para potes de pintura o pastinas, muy bueno lo tuyo, hasta pronto. adjunto ahora una imagen.emergency grout mixer-dsc_0145.jpg

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