More progress this week!

This is the third episode of the 18 sailboat build and is all about building main frames. Its the main frames that are rigidly installed on the strongback that give the boat hull its shape. As such, extra time and care must go into making sure all measurements, cuts, and fits are precise.

The method I use to build the main frames are same as if I were to build almost any other hard chine boat design, regardless of size. In this case, Im using a full sized, 4x8 sheet of plywood as a drawing board. I draw each frame and its individual components full size on the plywood. Then a measure, cut, and fit each component directly over the drawing. Once satisfied and no further adjustments are necessary, I glue and screw all the components together over the drawing (and fasten main components directly to the plywood so they wont move).

Here's the video (Tutorial):