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Thread: Evezor - Open source robotic arm multi-tool

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    Evezor - Open source robotic arm multi-tool

    This video is from a failed kickstarter for "Evezor". It is/was an open source robotic arm that took a variety of different end effectors to 3d print, engrave, draw, foam cut, pick-and-place, and a bunch of other things. They didn't reach their goal for mass production, but I think the inventor still sells them. Being open source, the "source code" including models and plans for all the parts to build it as well as the software to run it are freely available.

    Here it is milling wood:

    Tapping a bazillion holes:

    Drilling a bunch of Acrylic tubes:
    ... this would have been a lot better if the arbors on the rotary axis had been tapered to center the tubes. Maybe that was part of the spec?

    As a vinyl cutter:

    And Welding:
    (I'm surprised this worked. Exposed electronics and stepper drivers get fidgety around welders in my experience.)

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    That's cool. I'm in need of a 6 axis CNC mill to machine a whole butt ton of delrin (hundreds, maybe thousands of components). I wonder if something like this would work instead. I don't see any adjustments on... anything. There's no way that first welded connection after the z-axis is square. It looks like it would be a nightmare to get each axis trammed in. If you could get everything square it might be a neat machine.

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