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Thread: Eviation Alice electric aircraft - photo and video

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    Quote Originally Posted by WmRMeyers View Post
    Don't hold back Frank! Tell us what you really think! Remember politicians usually can't handle numbers very well. And, please, God, don't let anyone tell them what the number is that comes after "Trillion."
    True that, however they sure have the art of cooking the books down to a science.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank S View Post
    True that, however they sure have the art of cooking the books down to a science.
    Absolute truth! Thing is, they generally hire people for that. Not something you and I can afford to do. Even retired, I spend a minimum hour a day juggling my budget to try to squeeze in and out of it what I need and must have. Sometimes I'm even successful. Losing my job over Covid-19 cut my income by a bit more than half. Medical problems with my wife and myself make it seem likely that I'll not be able to work again. I've got an appointment to see a knee doc about the knees that have been troubling me since I was 19, turned 67 yesterday. Waiting for my back to get bad again after the last epidural injection to schedule another appointment for that, and when that doc can no longer help me will probably need surgery on the back. And that's just L5-S1, we've not addressed my neck problems at all yet. Wife's neck and back make mine look good. She had cataract surgery in March 2021, and is still having eye problems. Not to mention being the next best thing to blind. And I have cataract surgery scheduled June 14th, on the left eye, and if that goes well the 28th on the right eye. Next month looks like I probably have $47 that isn't already spoken for. I think I screwed up bad when I decided a decade ago that I didn't want any more government jobs.


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