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Thread: Extended Basin Wrench

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    Extended Basin Wrench

    I made this when I had a nut rusted to the underside of the faucet, trapping the sink (which I wanted to replace) in place. The traditional basin wrench didn't have enough leverage to break it loose. WD-40 didn't help, and there was consternation about torching it inside the cabinet like it was. It was constructed from a piece of leftover galvanized pipe, a shower valve socket wrench, and a couple of pieces of scrap rod hanging around the garage. This provided the leverage necessary to break loose the nut.
    Extended Basin Wrench-702002_4310996051005_321979964_o.jpg

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    Thanks MrNurseMan! We've added your Extended Basin Wrench to our Miscellaneous category,
    as well as to your builder page: MrNurseMan's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I modded my jaw style faucet nut wrench, for a similar problem.
    Willingly adding this to my plumbing box. MrNurseMan, this is equally useful. I think fitting an entire set of plumbers sockets is doable and worthwhile.

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