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I have to admit, that i have seen professional welders using that method you did. When making large plug welds. Result looks good, so it works in that way.
We have ultrasonic inspections at work, 20% from every welds are randomly selected for inspection. So, i have used to be little too strict with weldings.
Errors are very annoying to fix, when welds are 2" thick.
Tuomas I agree completely this process would never be acceptable for any structural weld. Trey getting away with that while a QAQC is standing behind you making thermal and visual inspections on every rod burned while welding horizontally on a 56" OD nuclear reactor support leg where the first 100 passes only fill 10% of the grove.
However I have many times used 3 or 4 3/16" Stoody31 hard face rods in this manor for welding up large pad welds on mining buckets and cutting edges. When you start laying down a 1/4 to 1/2" thick 6" wide pad weld that may be 10 feet long you quickly try any trick that you can and if you have a machine capable of burning that much filler at a time you take full advantage of it