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Thread: Fast food deep frying robot - GIF

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    Fast food deep frying robot - GIF

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    There is your response to demanding high pay for jobs that require minimal/no skill. Those robots won't mess up your order, won't give attitude and don't go on break. Expect to see more of them.

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    McDonalds prototyped several "autonomous" restaurants that touted 1 or 2 person crews to run the whole store. Order taking was completely manual, so if your order is wrong it's your fault. One person to load food into the machines, clean up in the dining area, take out the trash and keep things sanitized and one person to oversee and make adjustments and minor repairs as needed to the machines. They had drive thru and counter service. I think it was a few months payback and profits were tripled or more after that. Everything from payroll to employee meals was dramatically reduced and they figured at the savings they could be open 24 hours and always make a profit! It will be the wave of the future.

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