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Thread: The Fiery CA Glue and Water Controversy...Tested (shorts tip also included)

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    The Fiery CA Glue and Water Controversy...Tested (shorts tip also included)

    83. CA Glue activator/accelerator is a scam →

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    Military helicopter maintenance workers use super glue and accelerate the curing with baking soda (Sodium Bi-Carbonate) to make quick repairs to rotor blades.

    Also as a retired cop/Crime Scene Tech, we heated super glue along with a bit of distilled water in a sealed chamber to develop fingerprints on plastics, glass etc. The fingerprints developed were then dusted with black fingerprint powder and photographed. The developed prints are permanent on the objects unless someone physically scrapes them off. I developed a murder suspect's fingerprints on a plastic decorative tissue box cover years ago.

    The stuff is wicked. Do NOT breathe the fumes. Also it will bond contact lenses to your eye if you wear them, and heated too long it also produces a quantity of Cyanide gas. (Cyanoacrylate)

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