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Thread: Filling multiple balloons with water - GIF

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    Filling multiple balloons with water - GIF

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    I can see a water balloon fight in the making, otherwise why fill balloons with water if not for letting some kids have a bit of fun. The device would be great for backyard summer parties,

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    I have done these for my kids for water balloon fights. Makes it easy to get a bunch of water balloons. It usually works best to fill them in a bucket of water or the kiddie pool, as the water around them helps keep them from breaking prematurely.
    They are supposed to come off the end of the plastic hose automatically, but it usually works better to help push them off before they overfill and explode.

    Once all the water balloons are off, the plastic hose filler makes a great shower sprayer for the kids as well.

    Widely available at Walmart and other places in the summer.

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