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Thread: Fixing a broken screw gun driver

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    Fixing a broken screw gun driver

    I often break screw driver bits especially while using an impact gun, so I prefer to use the cost effective short 1" tips (much cheaper than 2" or longer ones) that are too short to be held in the impact driver so employ a holder for them. Now and then these break also but on the shaft instead of the tip.

    I tried an experiment with this one to see if it could be used in the impact driver again as well as with a screw gun after the quick release section was broken.

    Place driver in a vice with another in the opposite side, to prevent racking. Mark groove on driver. Then using a used grinder disc ( for rounding of slot/groove) work around the shaft using vice (or auxillery jaws) as a guide just touching enough to form the qiick release holder near the end.

    This first attempt has been successfull (despite its short end) for many hundreds of impact driving so far so I decided to share with you. It also meant I didn't have to waste time & drive to a hardware supplier to purchase another holder.

    Fixing a broken screw gun driver-rsz_dsc_1285-1-.jpg Fixing a broken screw gun driver-rsz_dsc_1286-1-.jpg Fixing a broken screw gun driver-rsz_dsc_1287-1-.jpg

    Hope this saves someone a few pennies and a drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranald View Post
    I often break screw driver bits especially while using an impact gun
    Hi ranald, It looks a though you could do with using a BiTorsion bit holder for your impact driver, the one I have is a WERA and has not broken a bit of any kind in years of use.
    Fixing a broken screw gun driver-screen-shot-06-13-19-02.29-pm.jpg
    I have no idea what is inside these holders and do not intend to find out until it fails but they obviously have a shock absorbing ability without hindering performance.

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