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Thread: Foredom tool bench hanger

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    Foredom tool bench hanger

    In my pantograph thread

    I mentioned the hanger I made for my Foredom tool. I suppose the hanger qualifies as a tool and there was some interest, so here's a photo of it...

    The body is a black gas pipe bar clamp, the fittings for which are available from most retailers catering to woodworkers. At the top I cross-drilled it and threaded in two stout 1/4-20 eyebolts, locked in place with lock nuts. One quarter of each eyebolt ring has been cut away to form a hook. The Foredom motor hangs from the right of these hooks and the router speed controller I use to set the Foredom's speed hangs from the left hook shank while the hook holds the Foredom handpiece. The height above the table surface on mine is 29 inches but, of course, this can be set as desired. Since the clamp is adjustable, any thickness of table or bench top can be accommodated.

    The commercially available hangers tend to be wimpy while this one with 1" diameter pipe is rock steady. My Foredom came with a foot pedal to adjust the speed. Depending on what you do, this can be a blessing or a curse. If your work requires constant speed adjustment it's the former. If you do a lot of on and off, fixed speed work as I do, being able to set the speed once and have it return to that speed each time it's turned on is what's needed. The router speed control with an full-off-var switch does what I need. Foredom sells something similar but I had the router control to hand so used it.
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