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Thread: Forged wrenches - video

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    I wonder how many years it took to develop his skills.


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    great vid but u held a steel piece by hand on a vise and cut into it w a angle grinder, when u should have put steel into vise and cut it,and the vid is almost 20 min long so u get a Sam Kinison Award,,,OOOOH,OOOOH, OH, OH, OOOOH ,OH,OH,OOOOOOOH!!!!!! and to put a hex into box end, use a grade 8 nut of the size u need the wrench to be,grind a slight taper into nut, and hammer nut into rough hex hole when red hot,and remember all u folks in the USA these homemade and modded tools are only for home use,,cant be used on the job at work,,,another one of Obamas legacys,,i asked my neighbor who runs the auto shop at Tinker AFB here in OKC,,when obamas OSHA Nazis paid his shop a visit and he said it was summer of 2020,,and they spent a week going through every toolbox on the base getting rid of modded tools,made everyone put in their vehicle to take home,and never bring back to work , factory tools only....

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