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Thread: Formula One jack - GIF and photo

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    This is seriously more complex than i thought is was - hydraulically assisted ?. I had convinced myself that the car would not be so heavy that a basic lever action pivoting on a set of dolly wheels was what they used. Sort of like the good old days of tipping a car on its side onto straw bales to work on its underside - car being British Leyland Mini's. i suppose a V8 engine is a fair old chunk of steel to lever up in the air.
    An amusing story for you all.
    Our local council once used our local sports hall to hold a Business/Engineering exhibition and invited Williams F1 team to display the Mk7 car previously driven by Nigel Mansell. it was at the time when they started messing with the rule regarding the active braking systems and car enhancements in an attempt to make the races more interesting which led to crashes and the death of Ayrton Senna. So the Mk7 car was a retired track car which had been brought up to Carlisle on a trailer to display in the hall. The trailer and an impressive ,very recognisable car was left outside until it could be brought in. Some simpleton traffic warden of which we have many decided to ticket the car for parking on double yellow lines. it would be interesting to see who he thought the powers that be (his bosses) would send the fine to considering it had no registration plates and was in fact on a trailer no being driven and parked.

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