FREE PLANS AVAILABLE FOR ANY OF THESE ITEMS - Simply follow the instructions further down in the description below.

This slideshow video reveals a few of my work shop fixture/furniture designs in simple 2D drawings. The reason I posted a video in this format is because I am testing some software that converts my pdf files to jpg format, and I want to evaluate how it works out. I haven't purchased the software yet - just evaluating a trial copy, so you'll note the watermarks in the drawings. (The software is called PDF Helper by TriSun Software.)

The drawings presented in this video are typically used shop items such as saw horses, benches, and shelves, etc. I've been giving away these plans for free over many years, and I upgraded them back in 2012.

Obviously, they are not to scale in the video, and they would be difficult to save; picture by picture. If you would like to download a free pdf file of any design in this video, just visit my Downeast Thunder Creations web site and download any drawings you wish for free. The pdf files you download will not have the watermark across them and will be well focused and clear to read. There are a number of other free, downloadable plans/drawings for a variety of other DIY projects on my site too - just click on the "Projects" button on the tool bar and make your selection - check them out.