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Thread: Girandola firework - GIF

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    Girandola firework - GIF

    A Thai girandola firework. A girandola is horizontally spinning wheel launched by rockets.


    Chinese firecracker stitching machine - video
    Firework tube rolling/cutting machine - video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altair View Post
    A Thai girandola firework. A girandola is horizontally spinning wheel launched by rockets. . .
    Now, that's a reason phones should have a camera; better yet video. Kind of spectacular. My page wasn't centered first time around, the billowing smoke was all I saw, like a factory blew up. That flying saucer looks 20' in diameter; certainly built on site, plenty moped loads of material.

    Southern California, mid 80's; saw Gallagher the comedian in concert, with college homecoming queen no less. Riotous performer to say the least, that Gallagher.
    One sketch was all about "if it's American, it's big, powerful, stunning. . .!" etc. Held up big poster of Space Shuttle taking off, crowd goes nuts. The punchline;
    "Here's a '59 Chrysler backing into a parking space".
    What ever describes crazier than before, that was the reaction. I also remember the volume; cheers for pride set us up for bigger laughter.
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