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Thread: Greetings from Oklahoma

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    Greetings from Oklahoma

    Good evening A link to this place was posted on the Garage Journal web site and found it interesting so I thought I'd check it out. I'm Jim and I live in Oklahoma City. I'm an avid DIYer and like to be able to do things myself. One of my many passions is reviving trash bound ATC 3 wheelers. I also belong to a 3wheeler web site and we have proud 3wheeler members world wide. We aslo have several sponsored rides around the country throughout the year.

    Anyway, Christmas 2010 I bought myself an Eastwood Powder Coating gun and I was hooked. Up until then, I have been painting my 3wheelers with rattlecan but now, Powder Coat is the way to go. I'm still learning but the results have been pretty good. I started out with a couple of small ovens but recently I bought a GE 30" wall oven and built a cabinet to put it in. I had an electrician put in a 220 drop to finish it off. I also built a portable PC station since my wife insists on parking in the garage so most stuff needs to be on wheels to accomodate my wife's SUV. I mounted some racks to the ceiling and electrically bonded the racks to grounding rod.

    I've attached a few pics of my Powder Coat setup and a few other tools I've built to make my life easier. The Army trike I built last year. Its all Powder Coat. The black and white trike is my currect project and it too is all PC just ignore the green tank. That will be white.

    Oh and Jon, a dedicated Powder Coat section is a great idea.....
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    Welcome to, FlyingW

    I'd be interested in more details on any of the tools you've built. I'll start working on that powder coating category...

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