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Thread: Grinding drill bits.

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    Grinding drill bits.

    An often over looked and under appreciated tool is the "old school" drill bit sharpener.
    General tools,Craftsman and now even being duplicated by (you know who).
    For about $20 to $30 you can get one.
    Grinding wheels for side grinding are available from Grizzly.

    Takes just a few minutes to grind or re-grind a drill bit.
    I can and do sharpen freehand but the results with the little jig are always better.

    I bought the grinder just for this purpose so I mounted it on a board with a short riser
    to bring the tool being ground a bit closer to center. Not necessary but that is where
    I like it. Sits under the bench until needed. I can always run a coarse wheel on the other end
    so the grinder will get used.

    Cheers, JR
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