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Thread: Grounding Rod, Stake or Post Driver Tool, DIY

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    tsbrownie's Tools

    Grounding Rod, Stake or Post Driver Tool, DIY

    This tool is used with a hammer drill (wired or cordless) to drive stakes or rods into the ground. I use it primarily for driving electric ground rods. The last one I did was 3 meters long and took less than 3 minutes and did not bend nor mushroom the rod. It was also tight against a wall.

    Materials Used:
    - 1/2" steel pipe cap (soft steel better than cast). Do NOT use galvanized because of the toxic gases / poisoning that can result.
    - Old hammer drill bit or similar
    - Welding stuff

    The pipe cap is there to center the hammer drill over the rod, so any pipe or similar will work.

    WARNING: Welding is dangerous. If you do not know how, learn first or don't do it.
    Driving ground rods and other can be dangerous or fatal. If you don't know, learn first or don't do it.

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