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Thread: H & V bandsaw stand

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    H & V bandsaw stand

    OK I have one of these Horizontal/Vertical metal bandsaws that I bought from Harbor Freight and I did not like the stand that came with it way to junky so I wanted to make a better stand, got a plan for one made of wood but wanted to see if anyone here had some cool ideas., here is a pic of the beast, it's heavy and I am also going to put it on really nice brake wheels also.

    I was thinking of 4x4 posts then a wood frame. With a shelf

    Thank you for your time.

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    I've had one for almost 30yrs and while, yeah, the "legs" are junk, the time they most annoyed was trying to move around. They are too narrow and the whole thing is just tippy. I don't have the room to just install it some place so it has to be able to move.

    My down and dirty quick fix because I'd rather spend time on other projects was to keep the legs and mount the whole thing on the cheap furniture dolly that HFT sells. This way it's steady, it's taller(bonus!) and it was way quicker and cheaper. I should mention the only time I ever thought it needed locking castors was when I was using it in the vertical mode which is unsafe IMHO. So that's why I found a used HFT 14" vertical bandsaw and modded it to cut metal so I use it for horizontal and don't need the locking castors.

    Whether this makes cool ranking is a matter of opinion but you wanted ideas.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Bag View Post
    I've had one for almost 30yrs and while, yeah, the "legs" are junk, the time they most annoyed was trying to move around.
    Exactly! I happened to have an unwanted pallet sitting around so I cut it in half and fitted casters, then mounted the saw to that. Has worked great for me for 30 years as well.

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    Regards, Marv

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