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Thread: Hand Punch Press

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    Hand Punch Press

    It was suggested that I post this here. It's how I made a hand punch press. We learned some good lessons here, but we need to make some mods to it. That video will be posted on Sunday Sep. 8, 2019 on YouTube.

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    Thanks Marsh! We've added your Hand Punch Press to our Brakes and Presses category,
    as well as to your builder page: Marsh's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    a 1/4 hole in 1/4 plate needs 5 tons,,what sizes are u doing in that table leg? u can also figure out the length of lever u will need, charts and formulas on line ..if your plates are 5/16 or thicker, i think it will be more cost effective to just do the drilling..seeing how the 4 holes are in the same place, u could make up a bolt on holding fixture to locate the corner of the plate on drill press table,and use a quick acting toggle clamp, to hold plate down,while drilling one hole, then move plate around to drill other 3 holes one at a time,,small punch presses are really for sheet metal, not the thick stuff..

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    Yes, 5 ton minimum.
    Here's why a Roper-Whitney #17 is about $400 used. 1st off is serious compound leverage, not just a single linkage. Even the little #5 Junior is so equipped. And neither appropriate for thickness being demonstrated.
    Welding in the dies make resharpening an issue.
    No control in punch stroke will bell that die quickly, creating [often termed lancing or extruding] a burr suitable for sheetmetal screws.
    Dies are supposed to be flush to surface material rides on, table or bolster, while remaining perpendicular to punch travel. Thickness of same establishes the machine bed as well, critical to mechanical function.
    Said table/ bolster allows fixtures at material plane for repeatable parts, the whole point of production at ANY volume.
    All bench punches feature mount holes. That 5 ton effort attained through leverage still needs restraint of secure mounting.
    CAD modeling is a convenient shortcut. Electronic sketching doesn't make anyone a designer or engineer.

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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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