Hi all
I'm building the barbecue
I found a good steel round plate, 15mm thick, 70cm diameter and some parts for legs from scrap. The only thing I bought is the aisi 304 for the grill.
Grill here is usually poor china iron, chromed, that self-destructs after a few uses, I found in italian regulations that 304 and 420 aisi are ok for food and heat use with grill, so I decided to build one. I've chosen stainless steel even for ease of cleaning

Size: 420 x 300 mm , 4mm rods , 150mm high

Heavy barbecue-dsc02131_1600x1200.jpg Heavy barbecue-dsc02132_1600x1200.jpg

Heavy barbecue-dsc02133_1600x1200.jpg Heavy barbecue-dsc02134_1600x1200.jpg

Heavy barbecue-dsc02135_1600x1200.jpgHeavy barbecue-dsc02128_1600x1200.jpg

Heavy barbecue-dsc02129_1600x1200.jpg