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Thread: Help to build a quick and dirty POWER SUPPLY

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    Help to build a quick and dirty POWER SUPPLY

    This is what I received a few months ago as a Power supply. It might be good for powering up delicate electronics but no good for powering nichrome wire.

    Help to build a quick and dirty POWER SUPPLY-small-ps.jpg

    i went through most of the PS builds on HT, but most of them seem to be made up of pre assembled components bought on the net. This will not work for me as it takes anything from 3 - 6 months to get to SA and I need it right now.

    Any ideas out there to build a more crude power supply say buying a cheep battery charger and converting that to allow volts and amps to be adjusted or a computer power supply

    I am no electronics BOF so would appreciate any . It should be able to supply at least 5A.

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    You can use a power supply from an old computer. Check out the videos on YouTube and make sure you get the on/off switch first. You can get 3 low voltage outputs from it. I built a foam cutter from one using the heating element out of a toaster. I didn’t get the switch right so I just plug in and unplug but works just fine. Good luck.

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