Hi folks! I made a circular saw guide just like this one and it works great: Homemade Circular Saw Guide

Here's the challenge. After using the jig above to cut one piece from 4x8 sheet of plywood, let's say my work piece is now 36"x96". I need my final piece to be 35 1/2" by 96" but my workshop and table saw size prevent me from using the table saw to create a nice parallel cut on that long edge. So...I revert to the jig again. If I measure twice and cut once or if I measure twenty times and cut once the two edges are never actually parallel. Not bad, but not perfect, like a table saw would create.

It gets worse when I want to create a rectangle, let's say 35 1/2" by 48". Now...using the jig again, I have four cuts that could each be "not parallel" with it's opposite edge. Doing the corner to corner measure proves I do not have square corners but I don't know which edges are the ones to attack.

I really hope this makes sense. I hope you have some measuring or marking suggestions. Yes, ideally I'd get a larger workshop to better use my table saw. But in the meantime, I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.