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Thread: HFT Belt Sander Handle fix

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    man, I wish I was as organized as you guys. Most I can keep track of is those little pocket note pads.

    +1 on the Staedler mech pencil PJs. That's one of many markers in my shop apron and is my goto pencil, especially because of the retracting lead. I'm always leaning over or hoisting something and breaking my regular pencils in my chest pouch. I'd also inherited when my son the artist went digital his old sketching tools and the best among them is the eraser Prismacolor Magic Rub Vinyl Erasers Beige Pack Of 3 by Office Depot & OfficeMax

    Far superior to erasers on pencil ends. Even fixed up the old twirly gig sharpener for the pencil. Old school for sure but works good.

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    Thanks C-Bag! I hear you about the note pad. Mine falls out into my work from my shop coat, always at an inconvenient time...needs a clip I think.

    Mechanical pencils are near and dear to me because its where I started from and like you say they are robust and retractable, And last a long time. As for sharpeners my favorite is an old Koh-I-Noor lead pointer #3. Still have at least one desk unit (K&E or Dietzgen?) also, and an old rotary eraser...somewhere. I'm with you on the vinyl erasers but prefer the Staedtler/mars Plastic erasers

    The other handy drafting thing in shop is a tear off sanding pad. Use them for lots of stuff including re-pointing my compass leads. Actually they are easy to make from stir stick using 220 grit.

    Overall I think drafting supplies are great in the shop for a myriad of uses and with a sketch/idea book they can lay a good foundation all at a reasonable price toward the preservation of ideas and builds.

    Thanks to all for sending this down a great tool tip path. ~PJ

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