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Thread: Home made summer house that spins 360 degrees

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    Home made summer house that spins 360 degrees

    Here's a summerhouse made by my dad that spins around using electric motor. It does a full spin in around 3 minutes. I wouldn't say that we use the spin function too often, but still it's a cool thing in our yard. Definitely a great place to have dinner.

    Also some pictures:
    Home made summer house that spins 360 degrees-112.jpg
    Home made summer house that spins 360 degrees-113.jpg
    Home made summer house that spins 360 degrees-1134.jpg

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    Neat little enclosure.

    Many years ago I helped a guy build a very similar structure. His was used for a Christmas scene that rotated. I don't recall the rpms, but it was slow..maybe like yours.
    One thing I insisted on was a safety clutch for the drive, especially considering that youngster would be gawking at the scene inside with their noses against the glass panes.
    The Torque Limiter was set so that a person could grab the perimeter and easily stop it from rotating.

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