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Thread: Homemade High Quality and Strong 2x72 Belt Grinder

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    Homemade High Quality and Strong 2x72 Belt Grinder

    Hello Everyone,

    Iím just found this forum last week and joined. There are a lot of nice tools in here and I like the DIY community. I have a home machine shop in the Netherlands where I do different kinds of metal work: Blacksmithing, Machining, Welding, Sheet metal work, tool making. I work 2 days a week in this shop besides my Ďnormalí job as a teacher. Besides the metalwork I enjoy sharing my projects on my YT channel.

    My latest project was making a high quality and strong (85kg) 2x72 belt grinder. I know there are a lot of people wanting to build their own (or enjoy watching) so here is the making of video:

    I didnít make any plans but I made another video with all the dimensions, design thought and possible improvements to help all the DIY people that are making their own grinder. No machining in this vid, just talk. But if you want to make your own then I think it will be very useful.

    If you have any questions, then let me know.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    Bart Harkema

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    I know its old post but like my ole father inlaw use to say bout news paper"Its still new till you read it" This post is giving me the itch,now that I have a mill and few motors laying around but don't know if 1725 or 3400rpms have to check.Thanks for posting

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    Thanks barts metalwork! We've added your Belt Grinder to our Grinding category,
    as well as to your builder page: barts metalwork's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Glad you found us! I watch your video's on you tube. That bender you made was off the charts! This belt grinder is awesome too.

    Looking forward to what you might have next...

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