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Thread: Homemade honeycomb tool racks

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    Homemade honeycomb tool racks

    With “honeycomb” I mean a structure of adjoining (cylindrical, not hexagonal) cells.

    Those who know of geometry could explain why (I suppose it is related to the concept of hexagon circumscribed in a circumference), but just by observation, it is a fact that whatever the diameter of a cylinder, the circumference can be filled with SIX cylinders of the same diameter, which is the basis of these racks.

    They are made with reused items:

    1) Arts and crafts tool rack. Made with tablet bottles and a container

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-1-1.jpg

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-1-2.jpg

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-1-3.jpg

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-1-4.jpg

    2) Putty and gluing tool rack. Made with Crazy-glue containers and a deodorant bottle

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-2-1.jpg

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-2-2.jpg

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-2-3.jpg

    3) Wooden dowels. Made with caulking tubes and a coffee can

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-3-1.jpg

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-3-2.jpg

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-3-3.jpg


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    I was curious how many cylinders have to be used to make a second row around these six. Using a drawing of a honeycomb, I found some interesting facts:

    1- Assuming all cylinders have the same diameter, a second row (orange) will have 12 units
    2- The third row (yellow) would have 18 units
    3- The fourth row (green) would have 24 units
    4- The fifth (blue), 30 units and so on, that is, SIX more units for each new row
    5- Even using cylinders, whatever the number of rows, the set will have a HEXAGONAL shape

    Homemade honeycomb tool racks-panal4.jpg

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