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Thread: Homemade Hydraulic Tandem Press brake

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    Homemade Hydraulic Tandem Press brake


    I would like to build in my workshop a long press brake for 9 meters metal sheet long (to transform it in a pipe of conic form like a light poles in the streets )it means that i need a long one.
    Just to be compliant in terms of pressure is there any calculation or advises to consider to begin a drawing and fabrication ?

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    Hi atlantis0, I just joined today, I am reading your very interesting note on building a real long press brake. I use to work in the tin shop at a pulp mill here in my home town and we had a large hydraulic press brake and it was a real bugger trying to make conical tapers in sheet steel. We found out it was easier to do it in the manual sheet metal brake than the larger hydraulic brake. Our hydro. brake didn't have the proper offset jaws to bring the back up tight enough to finish the needed final brake to complete the cone. What gauge metal you thinking of, we usually did those in 18-20 gauge, if your planning to build a hydro press brake the jaws needed alone will be very expensive.

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    Here you go this online calculator will assist you in determining the force required to bend sheet metal
    Press Brake Bending Force Calculator - Pacific Press Technologies, Inc.Pacific Press Technologies, Inc.
    inter in you parameters and the calculation will be interactive with each change in material thickness, length die depth / width punch radius material tensile strength , ETC.
    You didn't mention the thickness of your intended project but if it is anything more than light Gage stuff, remember if you are considering building a press brake or conjoining 2 ready made machines of the size you are looking for you will need to have a floating foundation poured to accommodate the machine no normal shop slabs can withstand the punishment a machine of this size can create on its foundation.

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