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Thread: Homemade Portable Mortiser (similar to a Festool Domino)

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    Homemade Portable Mortiser (similar to a Festool Domino)

    Thanks for the comment on my Youtube channel, I've taken you up on your offer

    There are a few versions of these handheld mortisers for floating tenon joinery, thought I'd have a go.

    Although this one works well I'm already planning version 2!

    I'd appreciate subscribers too if you like the content

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    I am encouraged when I see makers doing great things even in very small, confined spaces. You are proof that there is no excuse for not making something with your hands! Keep it up.

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    Thanks scottdimelow! We've added your Portable Mortiser to our Routing category,
    as well as to your builder page: scottdimelow's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I dont have time to waste on a 25 minute video showing how someone drilled a hole or filed an edge. (Admittedly I may have missed some pertinent points, but I am never going to see them now). Most people here have a reasonable understanding on how stuff goes together and the processes to achieve that.
    If you want subscribers my suggestion is to showcase the finished tool, in use, in a couple of minutes, MAX! Then say, if you want to see the build, "click this link". I understand YT has their parameters for video time = ad space but without subs you wont get ads anyway. Just my 2c

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