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Thread: Homemade replacement copper electrode tips for a 'Triangle' spot welding gun.

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    Homemade replacement copper electrode tips for a 'Triangle' spot welding gun.

    Hi all,
    I was kindly given this old spot welding gun some time ago and have just recently got around to making new tips for it as the existing ones were completely beyond reconstitution, as I think you'll agree when you see the video below. I'm hoping this might give someone the idea to do something similar with their welder gun maybe if replacement tips are no longer available or perhaps unduly expensive, etc.

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    Thanks brianhw! We've added your Spot Welder Electrodes to our Welding category,
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    I've got an old spot welder that size too. A mate bought a big pile of copper rods at a farm clearance sale which are used here as earth/ground rods for houses. They 18mm Diameter,and are meter long. I turned a couple of new tips for my spot welder out ofr the rod, i reckon it will last me another 50 years before i run out of copper rod .

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