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Thread: Homemade Repsol gas metal foundry

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    Homemade Repsol gas metal foundry

    I have receive a comment from this community requesting to post this video. I hope you like it!

    How to make a metal foundry that works with gas. Copper melting tested! More than 1000C! This design I think is a well balanced price/resistant/workforce. Own design inspired by @thekingofrandom and burner inspired by the @ChemicalKevy

    We will see all materials and building process on how to make a homemade mini gas metal foundry. This is the cheapest and resistant foundry you can possible make.

    We try the foundry melting aluminium witch it melting point is 660,3C.

    You will need the following material.

    12L iron bucket
    10 Kg Refractory concrete
    5 Refractory bricks
    25cm diameter iron tube
    8mm diameter iron tube
    Butane Repsol gas tank
    Butane tank connector
    Butane tube clamp
    Leaf blower

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    I have seen a lot of homemade foundries in the past. Yours suits me best. I think it's simpler for my lazy mind.

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