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Thread: Homemade tools found in West Africa

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    Cool Homemade tools found in West Africa


    It was suggested to me that i post my vids here.

    Hope its ok and you all like them.

    And my older video

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    Interesting. Are there other West African homemade tools that you saw on your trip, but did not add into the video? You alluded to some of these; I'm curious if we can have more details.

    As far as homemade African tools, I would have to say the South African stuff we've seen is more compelling than the West African tools. The homemade tools built in the Western portion of the continent, at least as far as I've seen online (I've never been to Africa) just seem so rudimentary.

    My vote for your next trip is port cities of Africa. We would get to see some cool nautical homemade tools, combined with the sophistication that port cities get from exposure to different cultures.

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