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Thread: Which Homemade Tools Interest You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EclecticNeophyte View Post
    I'm new to machine tools, as outside of a floor model drill press and a bench grinder, I don't own any... But as I mentioned in my intro, I'm working towards building my first lathe. Nothing fancy, mind you, but [hopefully] will be suitable for simple turnings, etc.. Otherwise, I do have a couple of Lincoln welders (one AC225 stick, the other a PowerMig 255 wire feed), Milwaukee metal chop saw and misc angle grinders.

    I'm also in the final stages of building an electric furnace capable of melting Aluminum and Bronze, primarily with the intent of casting parts for other projects. I'll do my best to post some picts...

    Oops! Forgot to mention wood working tools! Unfortunately due to limited space, I had to sell my tablesaw...

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    [*]When you're browsing, which categories most interest you?

    Woodworking tools
    [*]When you're building your own homemade tools, what sorts of tools are you most likely to create?

    Woodworking tools - bandsaw, tablesaw, then hand tools
    [*]What feature(s) would you like to see added to

    Not sure yet - am Newbie to the site


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    Since my primary interests are motorcycles, automotive and machining,those are the type of things I check out when I get the news letter or have time to browse the forum. As a previous poster mentioned, re-purposed stuff is always cool as are modifications or attachments to power tools that extend their usefulness or utility.

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