We're working steadily on launching our Homemade Tools Plans Market. Here's a sample plans cover made by our graphic designer, which we'll provide for free for any plans seller. More details below...

The plans market works like this: you submit your plans, we sell them, we give you 70% of the sale price. Details:

1. You submit us your homemade tool write-up, including any of the following: text descriptions, images, step-by-step tutorials, diagrams, parts and materials lists, videos, CAD plans. Many of you have already posted most of this for forum tool write-ups.

2. We touch up the plans (formatting, syntax, display, packaging, add graphics), and offer them to download for sale in our plans market.

3. When someone buys your plans, we send you 70% of the sale price. You retain intellectual property rights to your plans, just like a musician selling an album through iTunes.

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Comments, ideas - please post in this thread. For private questions or plans submissions, please email plans@homemadetools.net.