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Thread: Homemade wood drying press

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    Thumbs up Homemade wood drying press

    In this video I show you how to make wood drying press.

    Here is a photo
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    [QUOTE=liberal;159851]In this video I show you how to make wood drying press.

    What the drying frame does address: bow (taken here as curvature around an axis that is parallel to the width and orthogonal to the length of the plank) as a result of uneven drying. This it does as long as the stack-to-be-dried is tall enough to make it adequately stiff.
    What it does not address:
    1. Ends of the planks splitting open. There is no constraint to prevent plank ends to become wider during drying, i.e. bow developing with an axis of curvature that is both orthogonal to the width and length of the plank.
    2. Twisting, i.e. curvature of the plank around a horizontal axis that runs (approximately) parallel to the length and orthogonal to the width of the plank. The frame is nowhere near stiff enough to counteract twisting forces during drying.
    I know, because I tried, using the same idea and unsuccessfully, to dry a pile of loquat planks that originated from a tree grown in my garden, producing plenty of firewood in the process and not the beautiful furniture I was after.

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