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Thread: Hooks from old pliers

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    Hooks from old pliers

    Hooks from old pliers-ac782c97-43d2-4abc-bb92-5de9619b725d.jpg

    This is the first coat hook I made from an old pair of pliers. I epoxied a “face” to it, but no longer do this, I do not want to do anything that might be classified as representational art.

    Hooks from old pliers-dfb74bdf-d698-43fd-8b36-56eb46473db3.jpg
    Here are the ones I have mounted on plaques today. The plaques were made sometime back and the pliers were bent into hooks, in the forge, about two years ago. Yesterday, I spent a while welding bolts and studs to the back of the pliers. They need a stud to stop it swaying from side to side.

    The plaques are a bit beaten up, aren’t they? This is SHABBY CHIC. It’s a fashion, it won’t last long. Not to everyone’s taste! People like the idea of recycling. It’s green. Well, not really, because the amount of energy expended is greater than that which would be needed to melt them down! Besides, they are black. This is produced by charring, a technique which is used in Japan, called Su Sugi Ban, I believe. Only I understand that it is largely done to preserve wood and is applied uniformly. The two really black ones are reclaimed oak, the other two are from bits of pine furniture. The frames, which I made from old fretsaw frames, have been burnt into the wood, in order to recess them. They needed a lot of heats, mainly when the weather was drizzling.

    Hooks from old pliers-7489c23a-e2a7-4429-99b0-4b9aeb348834.jpg
    I hope you can see from this how the reins have been bent. This has to be done hot of course, since it’s high carbon steel.

    Hooks from old pliers-8dd13a5e-cc3b-418b-82be-ec5107337d2a.jpg
    I’ve made quite a few. Whenever I have the fire going, I bend a couple of pliers. The ones that are wrapped are sets of 4 & 6.

    Hooks from old pliers-de9ffd1c-de1d-4f66-af6f-1f510e52e0cd.jpg

    A closer view.

    I would just like to add that, while these are for sale, they are not for my personal profit. But I hope they all get sold, eventually.

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