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Thread: how to build a powerful metel rc robot tank #1

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    how to build a powerful metel rc robot tank #1

    Good friends! So, I thought about a kind of project that would be interesting and I decided to build a tank (space crawl) on a sign of course that is built entirely of metal. 100% My construction is of high quality and accuracy, most parts of the tank have created myself from all sorts of leftovers left in various projects I have done in the past and call it the absence of toys in childhood or whatever. After a long week of planning and construction, the project finally came to an end and with it (how not?) The video documents the process of creation and assembly.

    Of course, after I saw that all the mechanisms were working properly and the tank was going as planned, I decided to carry out another upgrade that was very important to me - to give the tank the power it needed - I upgraded the engines to much faster. Instead of 6V I increased to 24V, instead of 200 revolutions I increased to 1400 revolutions to the wheel that drives the larva.
    Using planetary chalk (similar to an impact bolt). Changing the motors would also require a change in the battery, so instead of a 7.2V battery I upgraded to a 24V 9A rechargeable battery. The whole business allows me an hour and a half. I also installed a more advanced control and control system on the tank. For each engine I installed a separate brushless water-speed speed controller that allows me to control the speed of the drive through the remote control. And I also added control over the tank through an application. Of course, we will expand on all the changes in the next video, which will also include a test drive in challenging terrain conditions such as sand, grass, gravel, hike, etc.

    In the next video that will be released very soon
    I will show you how the tank travels in difficult terrain
    Stay tuned for this coming soon

    how to build a powerful metel rc robot tank #1-65603234_683207118770910_144468221502685184_o.jpg how to build a powerful metel rc robot tank #1-66016814_683207318770890_4890294276266655744_o.jpg how to build a powerful metel rc robot tank #1-65462445_683207265437562_460390231791632384_o.jpg

    Dimensions: Length: 45 cm, width: 29 cm, height: 17 cm
    Larval dimensions: length: 127 cm, width: 5 cm.
    Control: by a sign and by a designated application for the phone.
    Motor specifications: A pair of JGB37-550 24V engines with built-in chalk.

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