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Thread: How to build a water drilling rig?

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    How to build a water drilling rig?

    Any suggestions will appreciate want to build a water driling rig thanks

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    A lot is going to depend on a few things first off your skill set, next how deep do you expect to have to drill, what geological strata can you expect to have to drill through. are you planning on the well serving as a water source for human or animal consumption or will it be for irrigation What do you currently have available as a power source and last but not least budget
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    You also need to be aware of regulations regarding proper well drilling. Improper techniques can contaminate and ruin wells for miles around your drill site.

    There are many sites online that show various ways to create a well. As Frank mentioned, a lot depends on your area and various types of material you have to penetrate.

    I shudder when I think of the crazy things people around the world do when they create wells with a basic lack of understanding or how precious our ground water is. I have seen drillers in the Caribbean drill a 70 foot deep hole in looking for water. Not find the water then pull up and move to a different site to try again. When asked if they are going to refill the hole, the response is, "build an outhouse over it". (in Spanish of course)

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