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Thread: How to make a powerful Wood Lathe - video

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    How to make a powerful Wood Lathe - video

    How to make a powerful Wood Lathe

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    Very nice work. Good job on a nice small lathe, it should work well for a lot of round projects. Just a word of caution though, (after having been in the turning business for over 50 years) and building many lathes (and most of my own chisels) along the way. Files are too hardened, they will break and fly everywhere if there is a "catch" on the wood. They almost explode sending small hardened projectiles in all directions. You should at the very least heat and "unharden" everything except the chisel edge. You might want to try to get hold of some old automotive shock-absorbers. The shaft in them is very hard and makes some great chisels without any additional hardening, and even better if you harden the edge. Old "L" shaped lug wrenches make great chisels also. Just my 2 cents worth. Enjoy your lathe, it is a great tool and hobby!

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