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Thread: How to Replace / Fix Drill Press Chuck

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    How to Replace / Fix Drill Press Chuck

    It may feel intimidating trying to figure out how to remove and replace the broken chuck in the drill press machine. You can't see any screws or bolts that seem to hold the chuck in place.Now you don't need to worry any longer, because you can watch me replacing the broken chuck in my drill press.

    How did the chuck break its tooth? I was tightening the countersink drill bit, which has hexagonal shaft, and the cutting part is welded to the shaft. This weld creates a burr, which is thicker than the shaft. I was tightening the countersink drill bit while it was pushed all the way into the chuck. This caused one of the carbide teeth in the chuck to break, they are quite brittle as it turned out.

    Continuing to use the drill press with the broken tooth chuck can be dangerous. Just imagine if you will, that the sharp metal drill bit, which is not evenly supported on 3 pies of the chuck's teeth, finds itself in the air, and flies towards your face. I don't think it's something anyone would look forward to.

    Whenever any of your machines is malfunctioning, you should stop using it immediately until it is fixed. Don't take unnecessary risks, which could have irreversible consequences.With that in mind, I suspended any drill press use, ordered the replacement chuck that fits drill bits from 3 to 16 mm, and waited.

    What did the trick?

    I believe the white lithium grease spray, also called a liquid wrench for a reason:
    managed to penetrate the gap between the semi-welded (baked) taper and the hole in the chuck. The taper basically fell off on its own. I did hammer it / whack it many times prior to that, so it might have helped as well.After the chuck replacement in the drill press, I verified the 90 degree angle between the drill bit and the table, and I checked the wobble / vibrations, and all turned out perfectly well.

    Good luck with fixing your drill press chuck!

    Replacement Drill press chuck 3-16 mm:
    Drill press (13 inch Floor Drill Press, 16 Speed, 6.6 Amp 120V 3/4 HP, 5/8" B16 Chuck):
    White Lithium Grease aka Liquid Wrench:

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